The Rime Buddhist Center is a (non-sectarian) Center dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. The Center is a refuge for the nurturing of inner peace, kindness, community understanding and world peace. The Center’s primary objective is to provide a qualified program of Buddhist studies and Tibetan culture taught by monks, lamas and other Tibetan teachers, and to promote a harmonious relationship of understanding between both Tibetans and Westerners.

The Rime Buddhist Center & Tibetan Institute of Studies is a non-profit (501c3) religious and educational organization located at 700 W. Pennway in Kansas City, Missouri. It was founded by Lama Chuck and Chaplain Mary Stanford in 1993. The Rime Buddhist Center & Tibetan Institute of Studies has evolved to reach an ever-increasing number of people interested in the study and practice of Buddhism in and around Kansas City. The Rime Center also sponsors meditation retreats and hosts special interest group meetings related to the teaching and practice of Buddhism in everyday life.

Hours of Operation

The Rime Center provides weekly services and Dharma teachings on Sunday morning, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Normal hours are:

Monday 12:00 PM ‐ 12:30 PM Group Meditation
Tuesday 12:00 PM ‐ 12:30 PM Group Meditation
  7:00 PM ‐   7:30 PM Green Tara Sadhana Practice (doors open by 6:00 PM)
Wednesday 12:00 PM ‐ 12:30 PM Group Meditation
7:00 PM ‐   7:30 PM Group Meditation (free meditation instruction at 6:00 PM)
Thursday 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Group Meditation
  6:00 PM –   6:45 PM Group Meditation (doors open by 6:00 PM)
Sunday 10:30 AM Service/Practice (child care available for children ages 2 and up)
Nursery available for infants
Dharma School for children ages 3 ‐ 12

Gem Tree Gift Shop

The Gem Tree Gift Shop & Bookstore is located inside the Rime Center and provides a selection of Buddhist study and practice materials including books, music, statues and other shrine and ritual items, prayer flags, wall hangings, bells, malas, incense, jewelry, meditation cushions, clothing, and more. The Gift Shop also has a lending library featuring a wide variety of Buddhist and Buddhist-related texts. All profits from the Gem Tree Gift Shop are used to support the Rime Center.

Gift Shop Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday – 9:30 to 12:00 p.m.