Amitabha Full Moon Practice

As our commitment to Venerable Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche those who received the Amitabha/Amitayus empowerment and P’howa teaching regularly perform the Transference: Enlightenment Without Meditation. The practice is performed on the full moon of each month.

P’howa practice is very popular in Tibetan Buddhism. The ability to transfer consciousness into an exalted state at the moment of death allows us to live without the fear of dying. Through P’howa, death becomes an opportunity for liberation instead of a mere severance from what we have known and loved in life. It assures us that we won’t die in a state of spiritual uncertainty and drift helplessly after death. This P’howa practice is from the Longchen Nyingthig terma cycle, and it is a practice that is done for ourselves and others at the time of death.