Jindak Community

Jindak (sByin bDag) is the Tibetan word for benefactor or donor. Traditionally it was used to identify lay practitioners who would support a monastery or sponsor large scale rituals for the community. In the Tibetan refugee community it is used as a way to identify their sponsors.

The Jindak Community is an opportunity to partner with other Sangha members to ensure longevity of all the programs that impact our community in such a positive way. Your monthly gift to the Jindak Community is vital to the various programs, classes, teacher visits and outreaches of the Rime Buddhist Center.

Joining the Jindak Community is easy through Paypal and ACH bank transfers. Simply select the level of sponsorship and then click on the Paypal button to make your donation. Paypal does not require that you have an account with them. If you prefer to set up your monthly giving through the ACH bank transfer you can fill out the form located at the Rime Center and drop it off to either Gabi or Vickie.  No matter your financial situation there is a funding level for you. Generosity is not about what is given, but your intention of the offering.

Monthly Donations