Rime Service Guild

There are many ways for you to volunteer at the Rime Buddhist Center.  Whether is is helping out with a committee, participating with the service guild, or even helping out during special events.  We have a need and opportunity for you to lend a helping hand.  If you are interested in volunteering please send an email to volunteer@rimecenter.org.

The Rime Service Guild

11059732_10205656035298284_2688210191277839976_nThe Rime Service Guild exists to foster a sense of connection and community among members of our sangha and to make visitors feel cared for and welcome. As volunteers who serve in capacities such as greeters, preceptors, shrine keepers, meditation instructors, meditation leaders, and dharma teachers, service guild volunteers have an essential role to play in the health of the Rime Center’s dharma family. As “in-reach” volunteers, Service Guild volunteers have a unique opportunity to make a difference and to set the tone for interactions and relationships within the Rime Center’s walls. We are deeply grateful for the time, the talent, and the resources the Service Guild volunteers give to this important work.