Meditations by Lama Matthew Rice Summer 2017

Classes with Geshe Thinley and the 2nd Annual Bodhisattva Challenge

It is exciting times at the Rime Buddhist Center. With Geshe Thinley’s arrival we are looking at ways that he can be of benefit to the Rime Center and greater Kansas City community. One of the main benefits Geshe-la is looking forward to is teaching the Buddhadharma, and what better way to do that then to offer a Summer time course to those who would be interested in studying with Geshe-la.

This summer beginning in June Geshe-la will be offering classes on Tibetan Buddhism. These classes are designed so that Geshe-la has the occasion to teach on various topics of Tibetan Buddhism, while not being restricted to any particular book or topic. Our hope is that this also gives Geshe-la an experience to practice and hone his English speaking skills. These classes will be set into four week blocks that you can sign up for and will run through August. This is an amazing opportunity to study closely with someone as knowledgeable as Geshe Thinley.

Also this summer, back by popular demand is our second annual Bodhisattva Challenge. This event will be practice intensive for those who want to apply their understanding of Bodhicitta with supported daily practice. The main topic for the challenge will be Eight Verses of Training the Mind by Geshe Langri Thangpa, and will run for eight weeks.

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These eight verses, which are now regularly transmitted around the world by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, succinctly convey the compassionate attitude, humility and uncompromising vision of a true bodhisattva—as encapsulated in the text’s most famous and most striking lines: “I will take defeat upon myself and give the victory to others. H.H. the Dalai Lama says about the Eight Verses of Training the Mind, “Practicing Buddhists should recite the verses and reflect upon the meaning of the words, while trying to enhance their altruism and compassion. Those of you who are practitioners of other religious traditions can draw from your own spiritual teachings, and try to commit yourselves to cultivating altruistic thoughts in pursuit of the altruistic ideal.”

We will have Dharma talks led by senior teachers as well as by Geshe Thinely, weekly readings, and group discussions. Discussions will also be online so you can connect to this practice from home. Weekly topics from the challenge will also be taught in the Dharma School, allowing this challenge to be engaged by the whole family.

One of the big lessons we learned from the first Bodhisattva Challenge was how appreciative people were for having an online course. It gave an opportunity for Rime Center members who have moved away from Kansas City to feel connected again. Rime members like Erik Myser who said, “I felt so lucky to be able to participate from afar.” Another Rime member Rick Goodvin said, “Thank you Lama Matt as well as everyone else involved for all the hard work. I noticeably feel more bodhisattva-ey.” You can find out more about these and other classes in our 2017 Summer Class Schedule.