Rime Supplication by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

I supplicate all the noble doctrine holders of India, Tibet, China, Shambhala and all other places who follow the precious teachings of the sutras and tantras taught by the incomparable teacher who is praised like the white lotus.

I supplicate the Nyingmapas of the secret mantra, who uphold the sutras, mantras and the three inner tantras in general, and especially the tradition of the great perfection – perfectly translated by the supreme learned and accomplished lotsawas and panditas.

I supplicate the Kagyupas, protectors of beings, who chiefly uphold the lineage of practice and blessing from the mahasiddhas Naropa and Maitripa, the cycles of the profound instructions and, especially, mahamudra.

I supplicate the glorious Sakyapas who illuminate the doctrine of teaching and practicing the heart extract of Lord Birwapa, the cycles of instruction, in general, and the path and fruit in particular.

I supplicate the Riwo Gedenpas (Gelugpas) who mainly uphold the essence tradition of Manjushri – the key points of the path of sutra and mantra – by chiefly practicing the gradual path of Palden Atisha.

I supplicate the Jetsun Jonangpas who chiefly uphold the meaning of the sutras of the last Dharma Wheel and of the Kalachakra, who have realized the truth of the sugata-essence and possess the vajra yoga.

Impartially I supplicate all the doctrine holders, each and every one, that exist in these snowy ranges, of the Glorious Shangpa, Choyul, Shije, Nyendrup and the other cycles of profound instructions.

By the blessings of making these supplications, may sectarianism be calmed and may impartial devotion blaze forth. May all the doctrine holders be in harmony and may all countries be peaceful. May the auspicious circumstance in which the teachings flourish for a long time be present.

From in the Rimey Lacho by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse.

Excerpt from Erik Pema Kunzang – Crystal Cave – Rangjung Yeshe Publications