Tibetan New Year Celebration

GDPT Pho Hien Lion Dance TroupePlease join us Saturday, Feb. 6th at 5 p.m. as we celebrate the Tibetan New Year or Losar. This new year is designated as the year of the Male Fire Monkey.

Losar traces its origins to the pre- Buddhist period in Tibetan when Tibetans practiced a winter spiritual ceremony during which large amounts of incense were offered to appease the local spirits, deities and protectors. This celebration evolved into a Buddhist festival tied the introduction of time based on phases of the moon. It may have been the first celebration of what has become the tradition of farmers’ festivals. After the rudiments of the science of astrology were introduced in Tibet, the festival became known as Losar.

The Rime celebration will include a potluck, Tibetan food, Tibetan Mo divination, linked verse, tsa tsa and prayer flag making. Be sure to bring a vegetarian dish to share.

5:00 – Open House
5:30 – Performance by the GDPT Pho Hien Lion Dance Troupe
6:00 – Pot Luck Dinner
6:30 – Family Activities