Adapting to Who We Are

Chronic illness is like all of life’s challenges that suddenly and persistently impinge on what has been our usual day to day functioning: we are no longer the same person we considered our self to be previously. A new obstacle whether we feel too poorly to get out of bed, have a new limp or swagger, become responsible unexpectedly for the well being of another human, loose the ability to express our self with the same grandeur, or can no longer drive—all are as limiting as we allow them to be. The biggest problem is that it is incredibly hard not to take the situation personally and thus add to the difficulty of adapting to our or our loved one’s changed situation/condition. Discussion will encompass all these issues as well as learning how to begin bringing obstacles to our spiritual paths so we can live a satisfying life.

Instructor: Teri Brody (Özer Chenmo)
Dates & Times: Four Sessions; Wednesday, June 1st – 7:45 – 9:00 p.m.
Class Fee: $30 Class fee; text $15.95
Text Title: How to be Sick: A Buddhist Inspired Guide Guide for the Chronically Ill and their Caregivers

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