108 Day Bodhisattva Challenge

Begin the New Year with the 108 Day Bodhisattva Challenge. This challenge will be practice intensive for practitioners who want to apply their understanding of Bodhicitta with daily practice. We welcome new students who are looking to learn about the Bodhisattva Mind Training and how to apply it to their Buddhist path, as well as experienced students who have insights to share. Kick-off is Jan 1st at 7:45pm. Read more…

Holiday Cards for Inmates

As is our yearly tradition, we are inviting you to participate in our program of Holiday Cards for Buddhist Inmates. Packets will be available for the first 12 people who would like to participate this year. All you have to do is purchase postage stamps $11, write a message and drop the cards in the mail. It’s so simple and yet it makes such a difference in the lives of our Buddhist inmates. If you are interested in participating please fill out the following form to let up know if you will be picking up your packet. If you live in the Kansas City metro we can also arrange to have the packet dropped off to your home.

What is it like to be transgender and Buddhist?

The Rime Buddhist Center celebrates transgender awareness week by highlighting Rime sangha member, Circe Namkha Rangdrol, she/her/hers. Lama Matt asked Circe to share about her experience with coming out as transgender and how being a Buddhist has helped her along the way.

As Buddhist experiences go, and as transgender experiences go, I can only speak for myself.

When I first realized I was a transgender woman, I was confused and frightened and anxious. I felt profoundly vulnerable, and had no examples among Buddhist teachers or teachings that I knew of that could help me make sense of it all. I struggled with many questions, including how can I reconcile my insistence on this truer self with the teachings on no-self? I had no understanding of how to bring this onto the spiritual path. Continue reading