Upcoming Event: Half Day Green Tara Retreat – Online

September 2, 2023 @ 9am

Designed to be accessible for all levels of learning. The retreat will focus on the sadhana practice of Green Tara, which involves chanting the tantric liturgy, meditation, and chanting of mantras. During this retreat, Lama Matthew Palden Gocha will give teachings on Green Tara along with discussion on Yidam sadhana practice. Read more…

Meditation Garden Work Day

August 12, 2023 @ 9:00 am

The Rime Center is looking for volunteers to help out at the meditation garden site. We are asking volunteers to bring basic garden tools such as rakes, shovels, etc. Volunteers should also bring a pair of heavy duty garden gloves.

New Core Classes this Fall

The Rime Center began offering core classes to its sangha in 2017. These classes were designed to teach the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism. This in-depth study was intended to provide a foundation of understanding that would support the sangha in their understanding of Buddhism. A benefit of this was that members of the Rime Sangha would be able to have a deeper understanding of the teachings of visiting teachers, allowing them to connect with and deepen their relationships with them. You can learn more about the original core classes here. Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic the core classes had been suspended.

This fall, we will be restarting our core classes. The fall classes will reintroduce the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, The Four Boundless Attitudes, and an Introduction to the Path of the Mahayana. Taken sequentially, these classes will provide a strong foundation for understanding and incorporating the teachings into our everyday lives.

Visit our Classes page to see this Fall’s offerings.


Rime Temple Update & Slide Show

Join us Sunday July 16th at 12pm for an update to the Rime Center’s Temple project. The presentation will discuss lessons learned and advice given by Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche. The presentation will be at the Rime Center at the Wayne Ave location. If you are unable to attend in person join us online using the same Zoom link for the Sunday Service.

Upcoming Holiday: Chökhor Düchen, the ‘Festival of Turning the Wheel of Dharma’

July 21, 2023 beginning at 5:45am

Chökhor Düchen, the ‘Festival of Turning the Wheel of Dharma’. It occurs on the fourth day of the sixth Tibetan lunar month. For seven weeks after his enlightenment, Buddha did not teach. Finally, encouraged by Indra and Brahma, he turned the Wheel of Dharma for the first time, at Sarnath, by teaching the ‘Four Noble Truths’.

The Rime Center will be hosting a series of Shakyamuni Buddha Pujas and open meditation sessions as an opportunity for you to come in and meditate throughout the day at your own pace and time limit. Read more…

Half Day Meditation Retreat – Online Only

July 1, 2023 at 9am

Designed to be accessible for all levels of learning, this retreat will focus on developing calm abiding using the guided meditations of B. Alan Wallace. The retreat will focus on releasing ego clinging and training the mind in compassion through mindfulness meditation. Beginners are encouraged to attend. This event will be online only. Read more.