Half Day Meditation Retreat – Online Only


April 1, 2023 @ 9am

Designed to be accessible for all levels of learning, this retreat will focus on developing calm abiding using the guided meditations of B. Alan Wallace. The retreat will focus on releasing ego clinging and training the mind in compassion through mindfulness meditation. Beginners are encouraged to attend. This event will be online only. Read more.

Help Support SevenDays by Making Ripples of Kindness


April 5-16, 2023

Join Lama Matt and other Rime Sangha members as we participate in this year’s SevenDays events. SevenDays provides opportunities to encourage all people to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset, and behaviors. They accomplish this with their SevenDays® themed experiences held in April 2023. The events kick off with the SevenDays® Kindness Breakfast. Then each day, a new theme will help us to practice kindness with the hope to promote understanding so we can Make a Ripple to Change the World. The events end with year’s SevenDays® 2023: Kindness Walk.

Following the April 13, 2014 tragedy at the Jewish Community Campus and Village Shalom in Overland Park, Kansas, a group of caring individuals decided that we, as a community, have the power to outshine and overcome such senseless acts of hate. SevenDays is a challenge for young and old, to embrace diversity across races, religions and cultures. Read more.

Upcoming Holiday: Chotrul Düchen, the ‘Festival of Miracles’

March 7, 2023

Join us for Chotrul Düchen, the ‘Festival of Miracles’. The Rime Center will be open during the day for you to come in and meditate at your own pace and time limit. Lama Matt will be offering the 24 hour Mahayana vows to those who wish to make special effort for the day. The vows will be given in-person at 6:30am. A special puja begins at 7:00 pm. The puja will be in-person and online using Zoom. Read more.

Volunteer Opportunity: Rime Sangha Advisory Council

The Rime Center Board of Directors is looking for several sangha members to collaborate with the Board to develop the Rime Sangha Advisory Council. The intention is for the Rime Sangha Advisory Council to care for the harmony of the Rime Sangha. In the spirit of collaborative leadership, to represent the Sangha’s perspectives and suggestions regarding matters relevant to mission and culture of the Rime Center.
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