Rime Center’s New Location

Rime Center’s New 2939 Wayne Ave Location

Thanks to the hard work of the Rime Center’s Board, the Executive Director Gabi Otto signed a contract to purchase a house at 2939 Wayne Avenue. This will serve as the location for the Rime Buddhist Center at our new site on 30th and Highland. We are excited about this next step and want to thank our sangha members and supporters for helping to make this happen. Continue reading

Full Day Open Meditation

October 17, 2020 – 7am – 8pm

The Rime Center will be open throughout the day for people to come and meditate. Due to Covid-19 we are offering 1 hour sessions throughout the day and ask that you sign up for one of the sessions. Each hour will have two slots available. To make sure that others are able to meditate please keep to just one session. Read more.

Free Meditation Workshop

Meditation has been proven to: lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and help you cope with anxiety. It has also been shown to be very effective with chronic pain, insomnia, and panic disorder. The wonderful thing about meditation is that it can be used anywhere, even on the way to work and has no dangerous side effects. In this one session class you will learn this simple technique that can change your life. Read more…

Basics of Buddhism

September 23 @ 7:45 pm – 9:00 pm

Have you always wanted to understand Buddhism? Buddhism is a 2,500 year old tradition that teaches us how to end pain and suffering in ourselves and others. This 8 week course will cover meditation instruction, life of the Buddha, basic Buddhist teachings, as well as practical application of these principles in daily life. Read more…

Liberation Through Anger

When denied or repressed, unconscious anger can have a negative impact with destructive consequences. But when recognized and used mindfully, it can be a positive source of vitality, courage, and dedication as well as a powerful mobilizing factor in our solidarity and commitment to enacting social change. Join Chaplain Sergio as he discusses liberation through anger. Read more…

Stages of the Path – Lamrim Part 3

Geshe Thinley continues his discussion of the stages of the path. This is the step-by-step approach to the Buddha’s teachings originally set out by the great Atisha. Because it condenses all the exoteric sutra scriptures into a meditation manual that is easy to understand, scholars and practitioners rely on its authoritative presentation as a gateway that leads to a full understanding of the teachings. Read more…

In Memory of Sunny Urgyen Rabga

Carl “Sunny” Schweitzer left this life in the early hours of Sunday, June 28, 2020. Born in Nebraska, Sunny grew up playing hockey and water skiing on Lake Okoboji. He attended the University of Miami on a water skiing scholarship and later in life developed a passion for sailing and the America’s Cup. Sunny was a talented flutist, a skill he shared with his daughters. He lived and traveled extensively in South America and Mexico, where he mastered exotic dishes while becoming a chef. While in South America, he fostered an interest in spiritual paths. He later became a devoted Buddhist, purifying his negativity and reaching out to others with compassion and an open heart. Sunny was always a source of great humor and inspiration for his friends. Sunny is survived by his daughters Andrea Garvey and Sarah Schweitzer, beloved granddaughter Sophia Garvey, Sister Julie Cramer, and niece Bee. Continue reading