Geshe Thinsley presents Drepung Monestary Objectives

Geshe Lharampa Tsewang Thinley will be in residence for two years at the Rime Buddhist Center. While he is here, Geshe Thinley will promote three of the monastery’s objectives for its Geshes abroad.

  1. To make a contribution to world peace and harmony by sharing unique Tibetan Buddhist Teachings.
    1. Geshe la wishes to help the Rime Center further it’s Shedra (educational program) and initiate a Tsodra (dialectic debate program). He’ll begin by compiling and teaching the RimeSangha from the “Duta”. This is a book of collected topics that is the key for studying Buddhist logic and is part of the basic curriculum of the monastic orders of the Gelu tradition.
    2. Teach compassion, loving kindness and the cultivation of Bodhicitta through meditation and study of Lojong, Lamrim and Santideva’s “A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life”
    3. Promote interfaith dialogue and understanding in the Kansas City community through interactions with the Kansas City Interfaith Council and other local faith groups.
    4. Approach Kansas City Mayor’s office about implementation of the Compassionate City.
      Charter following the example of Louisville, KY.
    5. Prison Outreach to Buddhist inmates
  2. To support the refugee monk community in South India for proper food, education facilities and to preserve Tibetan tradition and culture.
    1. Become proficient in English so that he can teach Buddhist Philosophy at a collegiate level in the United States.
    2. Study Science and Psychology so that he may teach these subjects at Drepung Gomang
      Monastery. It is His Holiness’ the Dalai Lama’s wish that the great monastic Universities integrate these subjects into their curricula.
    3. Educate and inform the local community about Drepung Gomang Monastery’s various programs and what can be done to help.
  3. To generate a greater awareness of the endangered Tibetan Culture and bring attention to the Tibetan cause.
    1. Help with establishing Kansas City Chapter of Students for a Free Tibet.
    2. Help to facilitate cultural exchanges with the Tibetan and Kalmyk communities and also
      through the Rime Center’s Tibetan Refugee sponsorship program.
    3. Tibetan Language

Geshe-la spent two years traveling across the United States with Drepung Gomang Monastery Sacred Art Tour. Of all the places he has visited, the Kansas City community seems to have an unusually high interest in Buddhist studies, and has been very supportive of the tour groups.