Member Profile Summer 2018

1. Hometown: Kansas City, MO. Grew up around the corner from Rime with lots of family and important life events at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

2. Role at Rime: Member, Volunteer, Student

3. Day job: My husband, Geoff, and I have a startup called Shark Off. We make shark repellent surfware jewelry. 100% effective in the KC metro area! I am Boss Momma (aka CEO) and he is Big Kahuna (aka COO). We are excited about helping people lose the fear and love the ocean.

4. Hobbies: Volunteering, reading, Netflix bingeing, doula-ing, feng shui, archery, triathlons

5. What led you to the Dharma: I was teaching and practicing Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui. I thought I should understand what that really meant. Geoff and I also wanted our son, Max, to have a foundation in a “faith” community that truly valued humans. We took the Basics of Buddhism class in the fall of 2016 and found a home in Rime. We desperately try to quiet our chattering monkey minds a couple of times a week with our sangha.

6. Something a lot of people don’t know about you: I got to rip the door off a car with the jaws of life! And I caught my sister’s last baby. Mothers deliver babies, doulas catch babies (only when the midwife is late).

7. Buddhist book you would recommend: Buddhism is Not What You Think It Is by Steve Hagen