What is it like to be transgender and Buddhist?

The Rime Buddhist Center celebrates transgender awareness week by highlighting Rime sangha member, Circe Namkha Rangdrol, she/her/hers. Lama Matt asked Circe to share about her experience with coming out as transgender and how being a Buddhist has helped her along the way.

As Buddhist experiences go, and as transgender experiences go, I can only speak for myself.

When I first realized I was a transgender woman, I was confused and frightened and anxious. I felt profoundly vulnerable, and had no examples among Buddhist teachers or teachings that I knew of that could help me make sense of it all. I struggled with many questions, including how can I reconcile my insistence on this truer self with the teachings on no-self? I had no understanding of how to bring this onto the spiritual path. Continue reading

The Thirty-Seven Practices of All the Bodhisattvas Verses 15-18

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Dharma talk given by Ven. Geshe Tsewang Thinley October 18, 2020.

Music by Barefoot Bran Music. Continue reading

Liberation Through Anger – Part 2

When denied or repressed, unconscious anger can have a negative impact with destructive consequences. But when recognized and used mindfully, it can be a positive source of vitality, courage, and dedication as well as a powerful mobilizing factor in our solidarity and commitment to enacting social change. Join Chaplain Sergio beginning November 18th at 7:45pm as he discusses liberation through anger. Read more…