Photo Tour of the Wayne Ave House

The Rime Center’s new 2939 Wayne Ave location has been remodeled to meet the current needs of Sangha. The following photos give you a quick look at the house.

The outside of the house is welcoming for those visiting and intended to give the sangha outdoor space for ceremonies, gatherings, and room for kids to play.

The first floor of the home is open and spacious, intended to be used as a small shrine room and for classes. There is a small kitchen and ADA compliant bathroom. The hardwood floors and natural lighting will provide a nice environment for meditation. The house has heating and AC throughout.

The house’s second floor has a large front room that will be used for the gift shop as well as two smaller rooms that will be used as the office and residential space. The third floor is a finished attic space that will be able to house visiting monks or retreatants.


Main Shrine Room

Main Shrine Room