Steps to the Great Perfection – Online

Join Lama Matt as we discuss the book Steps to the Great Perfection. A compilation of teachings on the seven contemplations, an ancient system of mind-training/lojong teachings that has been preserved as part of a rare set of instructions on Dzogchen, or the Great Perfection. This book is unique because although the lojong teachings of the Kadam tradition are well known, this is the first time the mind-training teachings from the Dzogchen tradition have been presented in an English translation, and most Western scholars and practitioners are unaware that such mind-training techniques even exist in Dzogchen. The contemplations themselves are vividly described, and some unfold as dramatic stories in which the meditator imagines himself or herself as the main character. Thus, they are quite accessible for beginning practitioners.

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Facilitator: Lama Matthew Palden Gocha
Date: 4 sessions beginning on Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Class Fee: $30
Text: Steps to the Great Perfection – Get it on Amazon or at the Rime Center gift shop.

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