Zen Priest, Daigaku Rumme, discusses Zen and the Zazen practice

Zen Priest, Daigaku Rumme, disusses Zen and the Zazen practice. from Kevin Mullin on Vimeo.

Zen Priest, Daigaku Rumme, describes Zen as both a teaching and practice. Rumme, from the Sōtō Zen tradition, explains that Zen points to the underlying reality that transcends past, present and future. This belief, brought to Japan by Dōgen Zenji, states that “Every person is amply endowed with the Dharma, but without practice it will not be manifested.”

Zazen meditation is the heart of the practice. Rumme describes zazen as sitting quietly with the initial goal to “sit forgetting (that you’re) sitting”, adding, “it is no easy thing to do.” Ultimately, the goal of zazen is to “eliminate that sense of separation that we sense between the self and what ever we’re doing or whatever object that is in our conscience”.