Āyur-What?: An Intro to Ayurveda to Support Your Health and Spiritual Awakening

From Oprah to Deepak Chopra, it seems like EVERYONE is talking about Ayurveda, but most people don’t know what it really is or how to use it effectively. Join Āyurvedic Practitioner and Siddha Labs CEO Amaya Shiva for this illuminating intro to what Āyurveda is and how you can apply it to daily life to support your health and the 4 aims of human life as according to Yogic principles. Ayurveda translates to “science of life” and gives profound insights into how each person should care for their mind and body based on their unique constitution. Because health is your greatest wealth and is the foundation of all achievements in life including spiritual growth and service!

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This workshop is for you if you

  • have heard about Ayurveda and wanted to learn more about how to apply its principles to your life
  • are confused about your dosha type because you keep getting different answers on quizzes
  • are ready to level up your health so that you can be of service to the world
  • have been struggling with low energy that stops you from living life to its fullest
  • suffer from chronic indigestion that limits your ability to enjoy life

Participants will learn

  • the Divine Origins of Āyurveda as a gift to humanity
  • what Ayurveda can help you with
  • fundamentals of each dosha so that you can learn how to identify your own and that of your family and friends
  • how to correctly apply Āyurvedic principles to your diet and lifestyle so that you can optimize
  • your experience as a human being for more joy and contribution

And so much more!

Amaya Shiva is an Āyurvedic Practitioner, Transformation Coach, and CEO of Siddha Labs. She was inspired to help others on their journey to Higher Wellness and Purpose after her own tremendous transformation through Āyurveda and re-learning her stories. She used to suffer from dis-ease that left her barely able to walk for weeks at a time for over 15 years. This led her to the relentless investigation into all things medicine and, eventually, Āyurveda, the oldest medical science in the world. She completed her studies at the Āyurvedic Institute under the guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad, known throughout the West for his deeply spiritual insights into this profound science. Find her on Instagram for daily wellness tips and DM her to learn more about working with her one on one.